The Theatre Shop Bar

The Theatre Shop was dreamt up by The Theatre Orchard and Living Spit, a month of live performance, dance and music in an empty retail unit, the Curzon Cinema, plus the streets and public spaces of Clevedon during April and May 2015.

John from Coecreative had designed the branding, signage and brochure of events and asked if we would be interested in lending them
a hand with the design and build of the bar area, which of course we were.

Nearly everything we produced was made from recycled materials from around the Clevedon area. The tables were made from old oil drums that we painted and fitted with scaffoldboard tops as well as a cable reel from Avonmouth docks. The bar, shelves, light installations (designed by relight) and bench were all made from old scaffold planks with the bar structure coming from a house that was being demolished up the road.

Our favourite piece was the illuminated bar sign which we made from victorian floorboards and suspended from the ceiling on hemp rope. The floorboards were dragged from a skip at a friends house (thanks Heather & Matt) and were also put to good use in the cask stands we made for Keith at Twisted Oak Brewery.

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Bar and light box made from reclaimed wood
Cable spool and oil drum tables
Reclaimed wood stand for real ale barrels
Bench made from reclaimed wood
Scaffold board shelf holding wine glasses